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Project Description
A set of .NET 2.0 CLR classes that provide access to the Virtual Disk Service (VDS) client API. See the VDS API on MSDN for details on what you can do. If it involves a disk or a drive you can mangle it using this API.

There is no real code here yet. Just a silly sample while I figure out how the Team Server repository works. I've not used it before. Stay tuned for the real thing. It should be here in a few weeks (end of Aug 2007).

Expect the first release (beta) within the next week. I need to get some documenatation flesh on the bones and get a few tests completed.

Since there are a number of decisions that have to made regarding object life and marshaling when wrapping COM with .NET, not everyone will agree with the results. I'll include a design note that offers a justification for the choices.

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